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5 Uses for Helium You Never Knew Existed


First discovered in the corona around the sun and later found in gases leaking from Mount Vesuvius, helium ranks as the second-most abundant element in the universe. It is the second element in the Periodic Table of Elements and an inert, colorless, odorless and non-flammable gas. Due to its very low density, helium floats in the air. This is why your balloons fly and your voice rises several octaves when you inhale helium./p>


What's the Difference Between CO2 and Nitrogen in Beer?


With the United States being one of the leaders in worldwide beer production, you may find yourself wondering about how beer is actually made. While there are a lot of different aspects that make up the beer production process, one of the most commonly asked questions regarding beer is whether carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen should be used. So this article is going to discuss the main differences between CO2 and nitrogen.


Welding 101: A Basic Intro to Equipment and Industries


Did you know that 50% of the products created and manufactured in the United States require welding? Welding requires a number of different gases from helium, propane, to carbon dioxide. You will require many different kinds of welding gear before you get started, as well. Welding can be a dangerous task, so here's a basic intro to the equipment and industries applicable to this skill.


Signs That It's Time For Air Tool Repair


Air tools are an important part of many businesses, but how do you know when it's time to schedule air tool repair?


Want To Keep Your Welding Gear Tip-Top? Here Are Some Maintenance Mantras To Remember


When you take a moment to consider the fact that the job of your welding gear is to withstand enough consistent heat to fuse metal together, it's not a stretch to realize that your equipment takes some pretty serious abuse. Sure, it's meant for it, but anything that takes on jobs with such routine rigor is liable to wear down.


Young Student Finds Second Chance In Welding School


Welding is a craft that requires a fair bit of awkward angling and almost acrobatic contortions, so welding from a wheelchair began as a challenge. Yet, he persisted and flourished. What began as a place to channel creativity blossomed into him pursuing an Associates Degree in welding from Texas State Technical College.


The Essential Welding Glossary: 5 Terms To Help You Navigate The Welding World


The world of welding is wide and wonderful -- at least, that's what the soon-to-be 412,300 welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers might say. If you're new to this world, the language can feel a little overwhelming and exclusionary, like you're forced to carry a dictionary around just to keep up with the experts in the industry.


Understanding the Importance of Calibration for Welding Machines


Welding is one of the most important services in the U.S. -- especially seeing as how over 50% of the products that are made in America require some level of welding. This is why it's so important for welding to be done right. And to ensure welding is done right, welding machines should be calibrated before being used. But why exactly is calibrating welding machines so important? Let's take a look at a few benefits of calibrating welding machines and what the actual process may involve.


Eyes On The Prize: U.S. Welding Student Hopes For WorldSkills Competition


Grab your welding gear and let's head to the classroom. Most people don't know that more than 50% of products in the United States require welding. It's a craft that slips by, often unnoticed and taken for granted. Nonetheless, it literally holds together a vast portion of things in our everyday lives.


From Current To Composition: All About Arc Welding


Welding is everywhere. Around the world, there are pipelines beneath our feet, pumping oil, water, and natural gas vast distances. About 38% of those pipelines are in the United States, and close to all of them are massive pieces of welded metals. Like many trade crafts, welding doesn't get much time (if any) in the spotlight. Of course, this makes it difficult for anyone outside the welding world to get a glimpse into how it works. In a previous article, we talked about a young man who seeks to make a name for himself in the U.S. and, hopefully, the world with his welding skills. Which is really cool, but, what do welders actually do and how does it work?


Abnormal Welding Projects For The Creative Mind


If you've started welding, recently updated your welding supply and thought it might be fun to try something new and different then you're in the right place. Welding is the permanent joining of two metals together through fusion. In comparison to other metal joining techniques, welding uses extreme heat to melt the base medals forcing them to fuse together. Welding is typically used in industrial settings and construction as a means to create products for consumption. In fact, most welding jobs, two out of three, happen in manufacturing. However, welding gear can also be used in some other different exciting ways too!


Beginner Welding Mistakes To Avoid


With employment for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers projected to reach 412,300 in 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there's inevitably going to be a lot of people to weld over the next few years. Beginner mistakes are easy to make when it comes to welding, even with help from an expert and the right welding gear. Here are some mistakes to watch for when learning to weld.


Liquid Nitrogen Need-To-Knows Before Using It


Liquid nitrogen is pretty cool. Actually, it's really cool. Like negative 320 degrees Fahrenheit, cool. Turns out, people don't know much about the stuff beyond what they learned in high school.


Metal Festival In Germany Installs High-Tech Beer Pipeline


Sometimes, at Tulsa gear, we have to break from welding gear and air tool repair type things to enjoy the beauty of human ingenuity. Air. It makes beer pour, keeps it fresh, and generally makes the sweet golden nectar of Bacchus palatable for lengthier periods of time than would usually be possible. Bless it.


The Four Different Welding Types Broken Down


Welding is a profession that goes fairly unsung, even though the products of welding are scattered around our everyday lives. In fact, more than 50% of products made in the United States require welding, and the practical application of the welding process to our physical surroundings is widespread. Still, people know very little about it.


Understanding the Role of Carbon Dioxide in Beer


Using carbon dioxide in beer is a tale as old as time: not only does CO2 offer your beverage a fun and distinct flavor, it also contributes to the overall mouth feel of the beer. Here are the benefits of using the right gas and gear for your beer.



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