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locally owned welders supply and industrial, medical, and food grade gas supplier

Welding and Cutting Equipment

Fume and Welding Equipment


We carry a broad selection of welding equipment from trusted brands, such as Lincoln Electric, Thermal Arc, and Ace Industrial Products.



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Plasma Cutting Equipment


Tulsa Gas & Gear supplies trusted brands for all of your plasma cutting equipment needs. Come to our Tulsa location to browse our selection of ESAB, Victor Technologies, and more!

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Positioning Equipment, Welding Automation, and Beveling Equipment


We carry all the necessary equipment for position, welding automation, and beveling at our shop in Tulsa. We only carry equipment from brands that people trust.

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Gas, Apparatus, and Gas Safety Equipment


Our gas equipment  makes sure that you can transport and make use of your industrial, food-safe, and medical gases with ease. Browse our selection of available brands, then contact us about getting the equipment you need.

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